What’s up with salt water and hot tubs?

Salt water offers the best hot tub water quality currently available. For those with more sensitive skin, a salt water hot tub offers a new opportunity to join the family in the hot tub.



Unlike fresh water tubs, salt water contains a unique combination of minerals and enzymes that helps soften the skin. For maximum health benefits we suggest adding our Himalayan Pink Salt blend.


A salt water soak has all the benefits of a regular freshwater hot tub or spa session, with an added bonus: salt water helps extract extra fluid from the skin, which helps with swollen joints and inflammation. People who suffer from arthritis can experience greater relief in a salt water hot tub.


A key difference between salt water and fresh water tubs deals with the cleaning process. While fresh water spas require chlorine directly added to the water, salt water tubs continuously generate internal chlorine and cleaning agents through a process called electrolysis. Occasionally, it may be necessary to add supplementary chlorine granules after heavy use to allow the salt water system to catch up.


No need to shower after hot tubbing to remove “pool smell”!